5 Steps to Designing Retail Space with Experiences in Mind

As the retail industry continues to evolve, it’s important for retailers to continue to offer more than just a product. Consumers are looking for true experiences when they go shopping and having this level of engagement can set your retail space apart from competitors.


Here are five steps to designing retail space with experiences in mind whether you are a seasoned retailer looking to revamp your space or a new retailer entering the market.


Associates Should Transition from Salesperson to Expert

Retailers who want to stay competitive need to ensure that they are training their employees to become more than a salesperson and transition into an expert guide to the service or product. You need to have a retail space that is designed to accommodate your employees and help them relate better to shoppers. They need to relate to consumers in a memorable way and blur the lines between employee and customer.


Offer a Hands-On Experience

Make the retail space truly interactive by allowing your consumers and shoppers to use the product in the store. Try to determine how best to showcase your product in unique and different ways that offer a true experience. This goes along with having associates who are true experts on the product and can offer guidance when consumers are testing it out. If a consumer can truly experience the product before buying it, they are less likely to return it, which can help boost sales.


Bring Your Website In-Store

Enhance the brick-and-mortar experience by letting shoppers browse your online store while at your physical location. This can be a great value-add experience and can help drive traffic to your physical stores. This can be a great tool if you have multiple store locations or warehouses and don’t carry the same inventory in every store. Allowing customers to browse your e-commerce offerings in-store shows them products that you may not have on site. If they see something they’d like to purchase, one of your associates can place the order for them and ship it right to their doorstep.


Change the Checkout Experience

You would be surprised at how many people choose not to purchase an item based on how long the checkout line is. Research from Irisys shows that Americans will abandon a checkout line and leave a store after eight minutes of waiting. This means you need more than just traditional checkout lines. Apple has adopted the option to checkout via a mobile device where associates can go to the consumer when they are ready to check out.


Offer Immersive Experiences

If you want to really make a long-lasting impression on your customers, create a retail environment that grabs their full attention. Retailers are beginning to create an experience by using technology like Virtual Reality. IKEA even opened a concept called The Dining Club, which is a temporary pop-up store that allows guests an opportunity to run their own restaurant built with IKEA products. This offers an experience and brings brand and product awareness in a subtle way.

Move & Shape Your City with a Career in Commercial Real Estate!

We have heard so many times that investing in Commercial Real Estate can be very fruitful in the long-run.  People who are experienced and skilled in managing Commercial Real Estate properties are capable of earning huge sums of money with comparatively less efforts and in shorter time.

However, like every profession, making a successful career in this particular field also requires special set of skills, talent and specific education. In this article, I have shared what it takes to be a successful Commercial Real Estate Agent and what should you be expecting from the career in this field.

How much will you earn?

In Commercial Real Estate jobs, you generally do not receive fixed salary monthly unlike any other usual jobs. Realtors usually benefit from the commissions that they receive after the successful property dealing.

However, if you are associated with companies which provide the real estate agency services, then you might have a fixed minimum amount of income along with the specific percentage of commission you will receive. In this case, major part of the commission is taken by the company itself. Also, the bigger the deal is, that is, if you are involved in the selling of huge property then you might receive the commission around 6 months later. Although the commission payouts will be huge but there is no fixed time to receive the money. On the other hand, leasing transactions take lesser time but you will be required to wait for the lessee to offer tenancy prior gaining the complete commission.

What you need to study?

Maya Angelou, the famous American poet and civil right activist said that, “When you know better, you do better.” Hence, getting educated is the first step to step into any career. Moreover, to get a license to deal in commercial real estate properties, you are required to complete suggested credit hours and compulsory courses. There are several universities and colleges that offer Bachelor’s degree in real estate which would help you to succeed in the field. Furthermore, besides having formal education or degree, a good realtor must have the sufficient knowledge regarding global economy, marketplace, and all the related domains. First you “Learn” and then you remove the L – Mohit Manke.

What personal qualities and skills you must have?

Initially, experienced individuals used to suggest that to be a successful realtor, one must have the qualities of a good salesmen. This is because they have to negotiate and convince the buyers to purchase what they have to offer.

However, things have changed now and it is said that the realtors must be more of a matchmaker. They must be sincere, have integrity, and must ensure that their customers keep visiting several properties until they fall in love with one. Then, the realtor has to act like a wedding planner by further completing the process.

Moreover, to be a successful Real Estate Agent, one must be confident and should not hesitate to socialize. They must take steps to do networking and introduce themselves in an impressive manner whenever they get the opportunity. Last but not the least, realtors are supposed to be patient and persistent.

Patience, Persistence, Confidence! 

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Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns!

As we progress through our work year here at NAI Elite, we are lucky enough to get a new batch of hard-working, incredibly intelligent, and fresh minded new interns each season. This summer should be even better in that one of our interns, Richard Kaelin of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, is a Licensed agent in Connecticut and will be able to work on deals as a Broker in Training, while he completes his degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Connecticut. Not to be out shined, Max Chipouras will be representing Trinity College and the Trinity Bantams; As a star running back for the team, Max helped the team achieve an undefeated record in 2016!

As interns at NAI Elite, Max and Rich will learn the fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate while assisting the team in researching properties, collecting market data, business development, reviewing financial documents, and researching potential investment opportunities during the Summer of 2017.

We are delighted to have them as a part of our team and look forward to a successful and productive season.

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